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Pizza Ingredients

Topping the nation’s pizzas with the best ingredients

At Silbury we supply the finest products to pizza chains and independent foodservice businesses throughout the UK, as well as in Ireland and Europe.

We make our rich, flavoursome pizza sauces with fresh tomatoes from our dedicated partner growers, to ensure consistently high quality.

Through our close partnership with Dawn Farms we supply high-quality cooked and fermented meat toppings. From pepperoni, ham and bacon to chicken strips, pulled pork and chilli beef chunks, our large selection of meat toppings includes a range of fully certified Halal meats.

Available from wholesalers, our pizza ingredients offer the perfect combination of high quality and in-demand flavours.

Pizza sauce

Spicy or plain, smooth or rough-textured, our pizza sauces provide the rich, aromatic basis for almost any kind of pizza.

Our three pizza sauce brands – Famously, Signature and Choice – cater to all tastes with varying levels of spice and textures, we also provide a plain sauce for a more authentic Italian-style pizza.

Our customers include the leading pizza home delivery brand in the UK, the country’s largest sandwich chain, and three of the top four supermarkets’ in-store deli counters.

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Choice Plain Pizza Sauce

5x3kg pouches, 65c/s per pallet, 1300c/s per fcl (20plts x 65c/s)

Signature Spicy Pizza Sauce

5x3kg pouches, 65c/s per pallet, 1300c/s per fcl (20plts x 65c/s)

Famously Spicy Pizza Sauce

5x3kg pouches, 78c/s per pallet, 1560c/s per fcl (20plts x 78 c/s)

Habibi Halal meat toppings

Our Habibi range offers high-quality cooked meat pizza toppings that are fully batch certified by the Halal Food Authority.

Habibi toppings include turkey rashers, tandoori chicken, spicy beef nuggets and pepperoni and salami made from beef.

All our Habibi toppings are ready to eat and are free from MSG, artificial colours and artificial flavours.

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Halal Pepperoni (all beef)10x1kg
Halal Salami (all beef)10x1kg
Halal Spicy Beef Nuggets10x1kg
Halal Turkey Stamps10x1kg
Halal Turkey Julienne10x1kg
Halal Plain Chicken10x1kg
Halal Chicken Tikka Strips10x1kg
Halal Turkey Rasher12x1kg
Halal Mini Beef Meatballs 4g10x1kg

Cooked Cuts meat toppings

Cooked Cuts from Dawn Farms bring flavour, quality and inspiration to pizza menus.

Toppings range from traditional favourites such as sliced pepperoni and ham stamps to on-trend flavours like Mexican fajita strips, chilli beef and slow-cooked pulled pork.

Cooked Cuts meat toppings are ready to eat, fully traceable and contain no artificial colours, MSG or hydrogenated fat.

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Sliced Pepperoni9x1kg
Sliced Chorizo 10x1kg
Premium Ham Stamps10x1kg
Smoke Flavoured Ham Stamps10x1kg
Smoke Flavoured Ham Julienne10x1kg
Chargrilled Flavoured Chicken Strips9x1kg
Roast Chicken Strips9x1kg
Indian Spiced Chicken Strips10x1kg
Chicken Tikka Strips10x1kg
Mexican Chicken Fajita Strips 10x1kg
Garlic Infused Chicken Strips10x1kg
Crispy Bacon Slices8x1kg
Smoked Bacon Pieces6x1kg
Smoked Bacon Pizza Topping 12x1kg
Italian Style Sausage10x1kg
Steak Strips10x1kg
Chilli Beef Chunks6x1kg
Spicy Beef Chunks10x1kg
Chunky Beef Meatballs10x1kg
Slow Cooked Pulled Pork8x1kg
Philly Style Beef10x1kg
Mini Beef Meatball10x1kg
Cooked Chargrilled Beef Burger20x500g
Sliced Pastrami16x500g
Slow Cooked Shredded Beef20x500g
Pigs In Blankets4x1.5kg

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