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Silbury is committed to developing sustainable supply chains, and has clear guidelines and policies in place covering all our key commodities.

Our principles

Our business is built on a staunch commitment to quality and customer service. It is our aim, working in close partnership with industry specialists, to make our business one of Britain’s most trusted and respected oil and fats suppliers.

Our policies

Our policies have been carefully developed in conjunction with suppliers and customers, to ensure that we uphold the highest standards in environmentally responsible sourcing and ethical production, throughout our operations.

All our suppliers must meet stringent requirements in terms of the ethical, social and environmental standards they adhere to, and we actively look for suppliers with strong corporate and social responsibility programmes. Wherever possible, we subscribe to all relevant sustainable sourcing standards and supply chain audit procedures.

Continually reviewing our supply chains and sourcing procedures, we audit our suppliers regularly to ensure that their operations meet the latest regulations and reflect the most up to date best practice guidelines in terms of sustainability.

Palm oil

Palm oil as the world’s leading vegetable oil in terms of production volume and consumption. Millions of people rely on it to support their livelihoods. As the world population approaches 9 billion by 2050, demand for edible oil will continue to grow.

It is also the world’s highest yielding edible oil crop, and uses less land per ton of oil produced than any other vegetable oil. As such, it is best positioned to satisfy this demand.

However, it’s vital that we understand the environmental and social impact of palm oil production, and play our part in global efforts to promote sustainable palm oil production.

We recognise the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as the primary global sustainability standard for all palm oil products. We have been an RSPO member since 2010 and have been certified since May 2011. It is our objective to only supply palm oil and palm kernel through one of the RSPO’s certified supply chain options – segregated SG, mass balance MB and identity preserved IP by the end 2018.

We work hard to encourage our customers to buy and use RSPO certified ingredients, and submit ourselves to regular and rigorous RSPO audits. Silbury can trace 98% of all the palm oil we use back to the mill, and 26% all the way back to the plantation. We are resolutely committed to promoting and encouraging the sustainable production of palm oil, and our ultimate goal is to move towards 100% traceability.


Silbury only supplies sustainable, identity preserved (IP), non-GMO soya. All the soy found in our oil products is carefully segregated and documented throughout the supply chain, to ensure traceability and sustainable production.


We are also now working with suppliers to develop a coconut traceability programme, which documents the coconuts used in our oils and fats throughout the supply chain. This policy requires coconuts to be produced in an ethical manner.


Our purpose-built packing facility has been fully audited to British Retail Consortium (BRC) AA standard. This is the highest award possible and we are also BRC Agents and Brokers.

We have Halal, Kosher and Soil Association (organic) accreditation. In addition, we are ISYS approved for the supply of rapeseed oil to M&S, and have M&S approval for our olive oils.


Silbury is a member of Sedex – a global, non-profit membership organisation, and the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains. We are fully audited to their ethical supply chain standard.


We are also covered by the NEODA (National Edible Oils Distributors Association) guarantee of confidence scheme.

Silbury – committed to quality and sustainability.

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